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Giving Tuesday was initiated in 2012 and is based on the very simple idea of doing good. As we deliberately head out for deals on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, the thought behind Giving Tuesday is to encourage people to do good and support causes important to them.

Even while the message of Giving Tuesday has effectively permeated the media, the immense value of nonprofits in a community or region is often overlooked. In fact, nonprofit organizations play a very significant role, impacting on the economy and improving the lives of more people than you might imagine.

Did you know that nonprofits employ 12.3 million people, with payrolls exceeding those of most other U.S. industries, including construction, transportation, and finance?
Of the nearly $2 trillion nonprofits spend annually, more than $826 billion is spent on salaries, benefits and payroll taxes each year. Also, nonprofit staff members pay taxes on their salaries, as well as sales taxes on their purchases and property taxes on what they own

Did you know that nonprofits spur economic activity?
Nonprofits have an even broader impact by creating economic activity and jobs that ripple through the community. For example, attending a play in a local nonprofit community theater, you’re not only supporting the cast, crew, and administrative staff; you have likely provided a boost to local businesses. Did you pay for parking? Did you buy just the right earrings, shoes, or tie for the occasion? Did you go to dinner before the show? If so, you extended the economic impact of that theater, helping to create more jobs in the local economy, while also generating even more tax revenue for the local government.

Did you know that nonprofits attract other employers?
Have you ever noticed how brochures for local chambers of commerce and tourism bureaus often identify local nonprofits as a top reason for businesses to locate there? Many promote cultural amenities, such as nonprofit museums and performing arts venues. Other common features are nonprofit colleges to showcase the value of an educated workforce and nonprofit healthcare facilities to reinforce a commitment to well-being. While the brochures seldom label these local icons as being “nonprofits,” business leaders intuitively recognize the immense value that local nonprofits contribute to the community’s quality of life.

Giving Tuesday serves as an opportunity to donate to important causes and a reminder that our nonprofits truly rely on community support. What is often not fully understood is the value nonprofits bring to a community and region. On Giving Tuesday, keep in mind the reciprocal benefits for a community and that your financial support has implications not only for the organization you are supporting, but for your entire community.

Data from www.nonprofitimpactmatters.org