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Communications Guide: Publicity & Recognition Guidelines

Freeport Community Foundation

It is required of all grant recipients to publicize their grant. Your innovative work deserves recognition, and we encourage you to announce your grant through the media, social media, your own publications, and through your professional affiliations. We also want the community to know that our funds are a part of your efforts to improve the health, well-being, and quality of life for everyone, so we ask that you acknowledge Freeport Community Foundation in your publicity. Whether you promote your story via print or digital materials, social media, and/or press releases, it is important that you send a report to pr@freeportcf.org with links, screen shots, and any attachments related to the publicity of your grant. The Foundation does not require any advance review of your publicity unless FCF staff or board members are being quoted in your materials. 

Digital and Print Materials
In your publicity, we ask that you acknowledge Freeport Community Foundation’s grant by using one of the following statements:

  • Made possible by a grant from the Freeport Community Foundation.
  • Funded, in part, by the Freeport Community Foundation.

Please use the Foundation’s entire name, Freeport Community Foundation. Upon first mention you may abbreviate to the Foundation or FCF. Please link back to our website whenever possible.

Please use one of the Freeport Community Foundation logo in your materials. These are available for download here.

Social Media
When announcing the grant and related work on social media, make sure to tag Freeport Community Foundation in all of your posts and utlize the hashtag #815Thrive. We also encourage you to share our social media posts regarding your organization with your established audiences.

News Releases and Media Relations
Please acknowledge Freeport Community Foundation in any news release written about the funded program. The Foundation requests a draft copy of the news release if any FCF staff or board members are being quoted. Please allow two working days for approval. Otherwise, no advance publicity review is required. Download press release template here.

Public Presentations
If speaking before a civic or professional group about your funded program, please remember to mention us. We often mention our grantees as examples of how our funds make a difference in the community.

Media Relations
If anyone from your organization participates in media interviews about the funded program, we ask that you acknowledge the Freeport Community Foundation’s grant. The following is a description of the Foundation that may be used in media relations:

Established in 1975, Freeport Community Foundation has a 40 year+ history as a community-based charitable organization guided by community leaders who are dedicated to providing financial solutions for current and future community needs. During that time, the FCF has awarded over $3 million in grant funding to non-profit organizations and projects throughout northwest Illinois. For additional information or to schedule a media opportunity, please contact the FCF at either (815) 801-3035 or via email at PR@freeportcf.org.

The mission of the Freeport Community Foundation is to empower nonprofits to develop solutions that help northwest Illinois communities thrive.

Website, Annual Report and Publications
We like to highlight our grantees, their programs and activities on our website, annual report and other issue related publications. We request your cooperation in accurately representing the program and are appreciative of photos, brief statements, as well as your organization’s web address. Likewise, we request that you acknowledge Freeport Community Foundation’s support in your website, annual report, and program-related publications. Our web address is: https://freeportcf.org.

Please let us know what media channels were utilized to publicize your grant. Send an email to pr@freeportcf.org with links, screen shots, and any attachments related to the publicity of your grant. Of course, please contact us if you have any questions.


Grant proposals are reviewed and recommended by the Foundation’s Grant Committee with the full Freeport Community Foundation Board of Directors making the final grant award determinations.

The awardees will receive a letter announcing the award along with a detailed grant agreement. Once a signed grant agreement is received, the grant amount will be remitted. Follow-up reports on the results of the project or program funded are required.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your program or project prior to submission, please contact our executive director via email or 815-801-3035.